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Why Serious Business?

We believe in a new way of branding, a world of digital environments where businesses brand themselves not only by the way they look or communicate but by the user experiences they provide and the actual products they deliver, we call it branding by doing.

It is not without reason that mixed reality applications rank among the most widely discussed future technologies in industry. Take the example of a specialized employee who is in visual contact with an engineer via his special glasses and can thus remedy malfunctions of a machine on the spot by himself. And think of video conferences which have the same effect as real meetings although the participants are thousands of kilometers apart, or the complete implementation of product design and evaluation before one’s very eyes without the need for prototypes. These examples make the future of work come alive and become something tangible. Innovations “Made in Austria” ensure that the digital revolution will actually also transform the production halls and embed Work 4.0 in our lives.

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creates digital solutions for all Who strive to achieve success online. We create holistic digital strategies With a focus on low cost and high conversion rates Without compromising quality or user experience

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ensures total quality In everything we do through Proper strategic planning and execution. We plan, design, develop and deliver Websites, social media campaigns and more.

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How do we do it?

To enable a valuable outcome with the least amount of friction we work in a 4-step process which creates value from day one. Step by step taking you closer to realizing your full digital potential.

For example, the young Tyrolean company Holo-Light is constructing mixed reality devices which eliminate the boundaries between the virtual and analogue worlds and enable new paths of communication. This can accelerate work processes and facilitate know-how transfer. Ultimately the cost effect will be clearly perceptible. I consider this to be a fantastic development and I am not the only one who is so excited. Recently the German energy giant Innogy with its “innovation hub”” acquired a stake in Holo-Light, which was not the only notable occurrence.

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